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Lake Garda chart

Lake Garda chart

Ora and Peler are the two most famous winds of the Lake Garda, and are often used by surfers. These winds are induced to compensate thermal differences and normally they alternate daily. During the day the air in the valleys heats more than the air over the cool lake. This causes a pressure low in the north of the lake, and the southwind Ora begins to blow. Tipically Ora blows from noon to sunset. Peler (also called Vento) is the opposite Wind from north, which normally blows from the late evening to the morning. Peler reaches the highest speeds at sunrise.

The strength of these winds can be determined by the analysis of the air pressure difference (in hectopascal [hPa]) between Bolzano and Brescia/Ghedi. Ora arises as soon as the air pressure in Brescia/Ghedi is higher than in Bolzano. The greater this air pressure difference, the stronger the Ora blows over the lake. In case of an inverted air pressure difference (low air pressure in Brescia/Ghedi and high air pressure in Bolzano), the opposite wind Peler blows from north.

The wind chart shows the forecast of the previously explained air pressure difference (Bolzano – Brescia/Ghedi) for the following five days. The forecast is based on model output statistics (MOS) by MeteoGroup and is updated every hour.